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getting error code for random misfire how do i check for a vacuum leak?

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getting error code p0300 for random misfire how do i check for a vacuum leak?

does this mean check for splits in pipes? but what pipes any help would be great thanks

its a golf gti t aum
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i got this code the other day mate on my brothers bora with another code for the temp sensor...fitted new temp sensor and all went away the sensor was causing the rough cold starting....maybe same on yours?
Hi im a mechanic 1st thing i would check is spark plugs. Have had cars on a computer with misfire faults and 9 times out of 10 its spark plugs. hope it will help.
hi thanks for reply, i have read so many things on what it could be, how do you test your spark plugs? i took them all out today and cleaned them all
1stly you would need feeler gauges to check the gap at the end of the plugs if the gap is to big or to small you will get a misfire. To be honest if it was my car i would get a set of plugs and eliminae the problem,but make sure they are the correct ones. Eurocarparts at the team valley are good give them your reg and they wiil give you the right ones,i would get NGK plus.
right i changed all spark plugs today with denso ones, cleaned all the vacuum pipes, and plugged it up to vag-com and no faults found took the car for a drive, WOW the power is un real, thanks all for your help :)
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