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Yeah but they don't look too tricky to do yourself TBH.

Their hose clamps looked excellent.....alot better than the mickey-mouse garbage that VW slung on the car (in an attempt to make it easier for 'gibbons' to play with)

There's alot of sense in upgrading the IC - and it even looks hard as nails too!!

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Quote: posted by NikB on 14/01/2005 13:24:44

That's for the 1.8T though so could be different I guess.

Think the Forge was labelled as suitable for PD's on their stand IIRC. The Allard one looked proper. Same dimensions as the standard one, but twice as deep. And silicone hoses too, didn't know an application had been developed for PD's.

As Foxy has said, their stand was very impressive (in a no-nonsense way) and Messrs Allard Snr & Jnr were very affable and interesting to talk to.

We discussed, among other things;

- Intercoolers

- Blanking of EGR valve

- Hybrid turbos and their ideas vs Turbo Dynamics

- Injector cams (under development for mid-05)

- Inlet manifolds

- Reworking cylinder head

- Uprated injectors

- Uprated clutches (Sachs and Helix)

- Superchips (the are affiliated to a dealer) and their own custom mapping, done by that mystery Portugese man (its all true after all[;)])

I took all the literature too and will be doing some serious pondering about this.

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if that engine produces 245bhp you can bet it will be too smokey

I doubt it to be honest because it's got much more air coming in. It will be more smoky than mine but I bet it's not too bad.

James care to share some of the info you've gleaned. I'd like to know as much as poss.
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