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I have the one with shift rod mechanism so the part is a bit different from the shift cable models.

The shift cable ones have a thin metal stick where the knob fits on, the stick is about 10mm thick. The shift mechanism one has a sleeve on the stick, the slevve is about 25mm thick so the knob needs a bigger opening.

Etka has part number as 1J0711113C

But all the ebay sellers are mislabelling their items and they are selling the shift cable knob which does not have C suffix, it has either no siffix at all, or AK,Q,AL,BH,A

I am pulling hairs out trying to find correct handle with C suffix. I have attach picture of the difference (mine is on the left, I ordered by part number and the seller sent me the one on the right).

ANyone got any sources for the correct one, VAG are £130+

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