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FUEL ??????

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hi i have a 1.8t gti 2001 model golf just had it revo remapped, just want to no the best fuel to use i have been told v power, whilst out today i noticed tesco where selling a new petrol momentum 99 its £1.30 a litre, any no if its good stuff? also shall i use v power or this??
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i used to put 99 ron tescos in my scooby until V power became 1p cheaper than the Tescos 99 ron. there was no difference what so ever.
i always use v-power, never used the tesco one so can't comment on it
I only ever use Tesco 99 and V-power, sometimes BP ultimate but its slightly lower at 97ron I think. Tesco is the cheapest...
id just stick to v power tbh, never really liked tesco super.
Only shell fuel for me as I have a shell drivers club card [y]
Only shell fuel for me as I have a shell drivers club card
i dont think the drives card saves you much at all tbh. i used to use one and cant be bothered now after working out that 650quids worth of fuel will save you around 12.5
i only use Shell diesel on the bora. the Ferrari Vpower perks keeps the kids happy! makes up for the lack of returns on the loyalty card.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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