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Fuel pump fuse keeps blowing

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Hi guys did a quick search for fuel pump fuse but nothing came up, could be tapatalks search system. My friend's 1.4 occasionally blows the fuel pump fuse but not all the time. Its done it twice no over the course of the month. Are we looking at relay or pump or something else? Thanks in advance.
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The pump might be on the way out,electric motors draw more current as they get older.Has it got the right value fuse in place?
15 amp I think that's the right fuse for it. Is there a way of testing the pump to see if it is on the way out?
You can do a current draw test,you'd need to compare it to another one to know what it should be drawing if it's healthy......HOW TO TEST
Is the pump for a 1.9 SDi comparable or am I looking at finding another petrol model? If it isn't the pump, what next? Relay? Thanks for your help btw, much appreciated.
Don't know how to use this so sorry if I did something rong all I need is someone to help my I have a bora 130 have had it remaped I have gone to euro parts and got the dearest intercooler the got as the ones I was buying was blowing to pieces and now this one have blown to , any one know why this is and best thing to do

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