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I'm not saying let it go to the dogs but some sort of wear and tear is
inevitable on anything isn't it? I give my wheels a quick wash every
day, i've made life easier for myself by having a bucket and sponge
right next to where the car sits on my drive...

Having a nice car like an Anni and driving around on 16" steelies just
doesn't compute in my book...i understand keeping the original alloys
mint, especially if they are rare, but 16" steelies???

Why not pick up some cheap 18" alloys and use the tyres off the anni?
You'll pick up some alloys off ebay (without tyres) for ?200, i did.

I've kept the original 17" S3 alloys (which are like new) ready for
selling but i never would've contemplated putting 16" steels on JUST
because i wanted to keep the originals mint...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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