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I borrowed a virtually new Focus RS for 24 hours soon after they came out. It was not fully run in (800 miles) but I was allowed to rag it. The standard car has 212bhp, remapped you can get about 240-250, downpipes/induction/cams take it to between 270-300bhp.

In my 24 hour drive, I filled it up twice and reckon I did not get 15mpg. It was great fun on a twisty A-road and I didn't mind the torque steer (feeling the Quaife LSD do its thang). The turn-in was awesome and it would definitely show a UK Scooby a clean pair of heels (in the dry). I hated the interior, really did look like a 16 year old chav's work experience project at Halfords. The hardcore driving was not exploitable for 95% of the time and I would resent doing low mpg just to commute. I missed my PD and was glad to get it back.[:)]

A friend has a road-legal track RS with rollcage, race seats, track pads, stiffer suspension, cut slicks and all the tweaks and it drives fantastically on the track and will now go round Goodwood in about 1'30" which is seriously quick. I have driven it briefly and it is great fun, sounds awesome, very precise and chuckable[:D].

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