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fk silverline coilover kit

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Hi all looking into getting some new coilovers for my mk4 1.8t has any one heard much about the FK Silverline Coilover Kit they look good for the money any help............ would help. believe they are around 500 quid
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I had the fk silverlines on my 1.8t and they are ok if you wanna go low, as they do go low compared to some other kits but fk are prone to leaking after a while and don't stand up to well to the test of time ie corrosion. Mine failed after 8k miles!! I have had the eibach pro street coilovers on one of my previous golfs too, they were a good ride, made of stainless but didn't go low enough... I how have kw v3's these are spot on, best coilovers I've had yet.. If it was my money I would go for kw v1 inox ( inox = stainless version ) or weitec which are also made by kw, or if you want something a bit cheaper ap, as these I have heard are good for the money and are also made by kw..
hi hillbill thanks for the info will look into the kw1s just want to drop my car a little more that it is, got some cheap vmax coilovers on at the mo and want a better set. got uto 600 quid to spend so need to look around.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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