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Fitting Seats Safely

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Ive just got new front and rear leather seats and I wondered, do I need to disconnect the battery to fit them, because of seat airbags ? I dont want them popping in my face.

And can anyone identify what the seats are ? (Recaros or whatever...)
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Hi Mate - yes disconnect the battery then remove the rail covers and the 2 x 13mm ( i think) nuts at the front and then they just slide out of the runners.

Slide the new ones in and plug in the airbag connector then reconect battery. Hopfully if you do it in this order you will not need to reset airbag light.

I am in Coatbridge so not to far from you - if you need airbag light put out let me know and I can help you.


The fronts look like theyre from a VRS. Didn't think the door cards from a VRS fitted though unless they are from a MK4 that had leathers before.
Hi, thanks for that, I wasnt sure about removing them either. But ill give it a go. Thanks about the Vagcom too, but ive got a friend who I could ask to do it. But if I need any help ill ask. [:)]

Out of a VRS you say.. Someone else just said they think they are from a Seat. Haha. I'll never know what they are.

As far as I know. They were in a Golf Mk4 to start with, so ill be fine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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