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Spoke to Jim at Star Performance today. He's looking into an uprated clutch for my TD150 Anni (due to slipping problems).

If anyone on here is interested in this upgrade, please reply to the topic and when I have more details I will post/pm them to you.



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The confusion with ECS is that the US does not get the PD engines and I think the lesser TDI's have the 228mm clutch as implied at

However, the notes on the ECS Stage III Clutch are;

ECS Tuning Stage III Clutch Kit

Does not included flywheel, does includes hardware

approx 30% more clamping force than stock clutch!

Kit uses Special heat treated clutch pressure plated & Kevlar lined clutch disc

Kit is good to 275-325 wheel horspower & approx 325lbs of wheel torque

Excellent pedal feel, retains OEM type pedal feel

Kit includes the following parts:

ECS Stage 3 Clutch Pressure plate & disc

OEM Pressure plate bolts


Torque Flywheel to crank 60Nm.(44ft.lbs.) + 1/4" turn (90deg)

Torque Pressure Plate to Flywheel 20Nm.


Kevlar Break in period of 450-500 miles of normal stop and go driving before the intended use of the clutch can be initiated. NO full throttle shifting or compression braking should be performed prior to completing the brake in period. Breaking in period allows the friction material to properly seat against the flywheel and pressure plate.


This product is also available for:

make model submodel engine

Audi TT Quattro 225HP

Volkswagen 337/20AE All All

Volkswagen Golf IV All VR6 24v

Volkswagen Jetta IV All VR6 24v

My understanding is that this Stage III 240mm clutch should fit the 6-speed gearbox fitted to the PD TDI's. Certainly the Dieselgeek short-shift is the same part for all the 6-speeders (I know this does not imply clutch compatibility!) I have found that whatever Richard & Jason @ JBR don't know about product - they soon find out. ECS in the US have been really helpful with the kit I have purchased and prompt with responses to queries. I would urge you to persevere.

As part of your research you should also check out RSD who say the following at;

In association with Motorsports highly respected clutch manufacturer we now have the pleasure in bringing you the RSD Uprated Clutch Kits.

Those who are pushing the power high into the upper limits will now know that the weakest link is now the clutch! We have been aware of this for a long time and here is the answer!

Uprated Clutch Kit now available for the following!!!

We can also offer, an uprated centre plate for the 5 speed gearbox, but I am afraid the 6 speed centre plate is still a few months away!

All are complete kits, consisting of a single mass flywheel, Organic matter Plate and stronger covers! We also do these kits with a paddle plate. The kit has been lightened.

NB. You can only put an uprated plate into the standard twin mass flywheel clutches, but we strongly recommend this for Motorsport use only!

DIESEL Golf IV 1.9 TDI 90 and 110 bhp ?850.00 inc VAT Golf IV 1.9 PD TDI 100, 115, 130 and 150 bhp ?875.00 inc VAT

All of the above fitted and including VAT for ?1,150.00

Hope this helps.[^]

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Quote: posted by PhatPhil on 11/07/2004 17:32:43

Thanks James [:D]

Think the best option might be a group buy from ecstuning direct. With the current exchange rate that works out about ?400!

ECS will refer you back to JBR. This is not a problem as they did a GB that I got my brakes from and the price negotiated was a good one, and they take care of the shipping and customs etc. Lets check the kit fits first! I am interested too (although clutch not slipping at the mo....)

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Also, note the two products I have highlighted do not bear direct comparison - the ECS Stage III I have cut & pasted above is without a flywheel - it is available with a flywheel for $1,349. I do not know whether a diesel needs/should have/will benefit from a lightweight flywheel as the engine has such different characteristics.

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Quote: posted by PhatPhil on 11/07/2004 15:15:11

Tried JBR. They weren't sure if the clutch kit would fit an Anni as "the USA didn't get the PD Anni". Not confidence insipring at all!

Will give Stealth a call on monday.


Its difficult when figuring out if a product from one car, will fit a different car, and i know that the regular TDI is different from the Anniversary. Like with James' brakes...they were for the 1.8T, and would not fit on a regular TDi...yet we got them, and they fitted on no problem as it happened to be the same at the 1.8T Anniversary. i happen to think that both the anni's share the same components.

If we can be 100% sure of which clutch is suitable for the PD150, i will be more than happy to arrange a groupbuy on them for members! As im sure you will understand, it would not be ideal for you, or for us to get the parts and then find that they are in fact incorrect.

I will do some research into the different clutches for different models and see which ones are shared throughout the range. I suspect that 6 speed will share the same, as will 5 speed.

Will post back when i have the correct information!


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