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fault codes?

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just read the codes on my wifes mk4 1.8t agu code and got these codes on VCDS

00544 - maximum boost pressure exceeded 35-10 intermittent

00561 - mixture adaptation 14-00 adaptation limit (add) exceeded

00515 - camshaft position (hall) sensor (g40) 30-10 - open or short to plus - intermittent

had to fit a new turbo about 3 months ago and it has crazy surging almost like its hitting a rev limiter. if you back off the gas you can then drive it gently past the hesitation.

it had this problem when we bought this car about 4 years ago then on day the problem went, after looking at the fubar'ed turbo that came off i would say the boost was able to escape via multiple cracks in the exhaust housing so cured the over boost. now we have a new turbo genuine not cheap chinese one the problem is back and i dont want to break this one.

any ideas?

this week the car has started to hunt on idle so rescanned and got the bottom 2 codes, so guess its either the sensor breaking down or bad wiring again any ideas???

thanks Mike.
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