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Get a nitrous system installed.

However... As it's completely illegal to use on the public road I take no responsibility for you getting arrested and being jailed for life.
Try again mate... nitrous is completly legal on the public highway. as long as your insurance know about it.

it is only illegal if you decide to brake the speed limit or drive dangerously...

I'm pretty sure on Fifth Gear they said it's LEGAL to have installed in the car however ILLEGAL to use on the road.

Also, according to

Having a nitrous oxide system installed in your car is not illegal. Akamoto provide these kits to our customers for the use of off road events and shows that are hosted on private land. However Injecting nitrous oxide into your engine in whilst driving on a public road can not really be commented on as we can not find any law against this but at the same time we cant find one that permits it. So we recommend keeping the bottle turned off until you're in a suitable surrounding to inject nitrous oxide, e.g. drag strip.

If I am wrong, I apologise.

there is no law that is against it...

there is no law that lets You sleep in your own bed but You can still do it.

if there is nothing saying You cant then You can...

[blah] [:p]
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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