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im having a head freeze and im hoping your or any other audio bods are online. Im am doing a new install for the bora (i know...again) and im tuning a box for my 2 solo baric l5s. dimentions are...

Dimension A (cm)41.5 .... top depth
Dimension B (cm) 49.7.... bottom depth
Dimension C (cm) 40.6 ....hight
Dimension D (cm)

82.2 ....width

Dimension D obviously being the width so the enclosure will be split at centre point. i will then be adding port holes at the top of the box (1 per enclosure) Problem im having is i cant work out for the life of me what size to do the port holes at there for unable to calculate the correct tuning of each enclosure. i cant really let on to any more as its all "top secret" lol I been at it to long today and i know its a simple mathematical equation to work out the size of the port but the brains just in lock down!!!

I could prob do it later on or tomorrow but i really need to know sooner than later if ya know what i mean.

Thanks for any help from anyone.

P.S mods... i know this should be in the ICE section but i would like an answer this side of christmas! :)
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