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Expert wanted - which PD engine have i got?!

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum and actually also new to VW in general, so I hope you will welcome me with open arms :D

I have quite a problem, which I hope you can help me with. I have recently bought a mk4 tdi. The previous owner told me that it was a "TDI 100 Edition" with a 6 speed gearbox as well as a 100 horsepower engine. However, the car was born as a 90hp model (I learned just yesterday). I now really don't know what to make of it all. There is no sticker in the boot or on the timing belt cover, as well as no imprint on the engine itself. I really want to know which engine I have, is it a 100hp, 115 or??



I really hope you guys can help me, I literally don't know how else to proceed. It is very difficult to order parts when you don't know which engine to order them for!


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Have a look on ur logbook
If you can find an engine code somewhere this should help

kW BHP LB/F Nm engine code
50 67 98 133 AGP AQM
66 90 154 210 AGR ALH
74 100 176 240 ATD AXR BEW
81 110 173 235 AHF ASV
85 115 228 310 AJM AUY
96 130 228 310 ASZ
110 150 235 320 ARL
Looking at the fuel rails its a PD so it will be 100, 130 or 150.

The engine code will sort it - top left on the cambelt cover is where i find mine.
Either a PD100 or PD115 - Certainly not a 130 or 150
Either a PD100 or PD115 - Certainly not a 130 or 150
I concur, you only need to look at the intake manifold to see that.

What's the car registration number?
Hi all,

First, I want to thank you for taking the time to help me - much appreciated!

Unfortunatly, the engine code is nowhere to be found, not on camshaft cover, logbook, in the boot, or on the engine itself (where it joints with the gearbox)

Anyway Dan, that sounds great, at least some possibles can be crossed off the list now!

If anyone knows exatly which engine this is, I would still like to know :)

Have a great day - Tore

Sorry, I must have just missed your reply! I am in Denmark, so I don't think you can use the registration no for anything :( I have had a VW dealer look the VIN no. up, and when the car was made, it came with a 90hp engine and 5-speed gearbox.

By the way, the car was made in 1999 if that makes a difference.

- Tore
Also, could another picture help w/ the intake manifold ID? or do I need to take it apart?

Thanks again!
Oh right no worries, ok so its not running it's original engine then as the 90bhp ones were the earlier VE type, not PD engine as pictured.
It's definitely a PD 100 or 115 though.
Another intake picture won't make a difference as there were only two types and your one is the lower powered engine one with the narrower sharper curved neck.
So you don't have anything stamped here?


The ECU part number 'may' shed some light on it if it was sourced from the same engine, but it's still a guessing game.
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Dan FR:

Where is that? I have only looked where the gearbox and engine join together, at the front of the engine to the right (passengerside in the UK).

Also, where can I find the ECU?

Sorry for all these questions, and again, I really appreciate all your help!
Here is the image I used for locating the engine code:


to the right of the oil filter, where engine and gearbox meet :)
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That's the same position as Dan posted, so is yours blank?
The ECU can be found beneath the plastic scuttle tray that runs just below the windscreen.
Ah okay - yes it is :mellow:
I will take a look at that later today when my girlfriend comes home with the car then!
I could be wrong of course, but from those original pictures of yours, looks identical to mine, and mines an ASZ PD 130

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It's definitely not a PD130 as the intake manifold is narrower and the EGR valve is smaller and doesn't have a bayonet connection.
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