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Well everyone, I was asked to sort out this time's event.

So this is what I am putting forward for us;

Event Date: 12th September

Venue: Brooklands Museum in Weybridge Surrey

Entry: ?6 per adult incl. whole Museum tours and shows

BBQ is free to set up but we need to let them know so I take it we all want to eat. It'll cost ?2.50/?3 for a burger and a drink approx.

There will be some fun competition and tests as well, including the infamous Brooklands up hill test, slalome test, reversing test...etc.

However, some test could cost us ?5 extra but it's not compulsary to take it.

Car park will take easily 50/60 cars but we need to know how many people are coming please! There's an advanced payment of ?100 to pay up front to book and secure a plot. I don't mind making a substantial contribution towards that but I really need to ensure you guys don't let me down as otherwise we'll loose our money.

Just to let you also guys know we have also invited Performance VW and Golf + magazines to come down as well, so we are awaiting there responses as well a the moment.

Now I know some of you guys have already responded positivelly but I just need you guys to confirm your appearance here please so I can start a deffos and poss sheet in the near future.

We need to know asap as ideally we need to let the Museum by this Monday 9th August! I will need your final responses first before I secure the place.

For directions and informations please check out


MadMaxR32 [^]

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Right guys, this is the list so far;





Sir_Blates (poss)



rfsteel + (3 poss)

MisterE (poss)

Mikedav (poss)

hmi1750 (poss)






Come on lads I'm sure we could do better than this, spread the word round for this one please. Hope the weather is gona be ok otherwise we're...[B)]

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Quote: posted by MadMaxR32 on 08/08/2004 01:46:45

Tylerama, of course it is dude bring him along...but obviously the Museum are charging us per adult entry i believe. Hope that's still ok. [:)]

Yeah.. sure.. goes without saying, not a problem. Think he's almost sold on mark fours now.. we met up with MRK IV today and had a spin up and down the road.. WOW.

I'll shut up now [:D]
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