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I recently fitted a eurojet 1.8t fmic the street core - the new one with the re-bar, I've not got pictures of the core on with the bumper off but the thickness of the fmic dwarfs the standard smic core, it's absolutely massive which brought me to my main concern: loss of boost or lagg, I don't notice any lagg or loss of boost what so ever with this kit on, it's crispy and responsive all the time.

I have managed to get the fmic to fit behind my standard front bumper with the lower bumper grills fitted, trimming was minimal although the drop down plate had to be modified to mount the core to, but was easy enough to do, just dremel off half the plate and drilled 2 holes to accomodate the mounting bracket on the top of the core.

The piping I received from the turbo outlet to the rest of the hard pipe looked to be slightly different to that shown in the picture on their website but I think mine was made for big turbo kits as the 90 degree bend is a bit short and catches slightly on the tip but nothing a longer coupler couldnt fix.

I haven't been able to tell if theres an improvement in performance as I've been running with my maf disconnected what with the leak on my tip, but it does feel at least as fast and definately more consistent power. The core never feels warm now whereas before it was hot to the touch so I would say it's doing its job very well! Admittedly it is a tad overpriced though...

Pictures to follow...
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