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error code 16500......... thermostat?

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recently i been having the problem with my car and plugged it in the to cheap code reader i got and it came up with:

16500 engine coolant temperature circuit-range/performance problem.

gave it to vw and they said its just because the coolant was a bit low (it was about half way between the lines) so they topped it up anyway and sorted the abs problem to. my car hasnt been running properly for ages but never really assumed this had anything to do with it.

however i have changed the coolant temp sensor for a green one and i got my cousin to change the water pump when he did the cambelt and oil to so i knew theyd been done. also read it could be the thermostat?

any ideas? if it is i take it its a fairly cheap easy fix? id get my godfather to help anyway as we did the one on my last car as well.
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Have you had the codes cleared since you replaced the coolant temp sensor?
cant remember but i did clear it tonight after i read it so will check tomorrow when i get up if i can be bothered.....
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