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Enging shaking seat on idle after CAMBELT CHANGE

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VW dealer just changed my cambelt today me and my friend realised it doesnt feel the same. At idle, You can feel the seat moving every few seconds like the engines shaking. Seems to be fine when driven. It was definately no like this before they changed it. I cant believe they did it wrong, .

Any ideas greatly appreciated before i phone them tomorrow

i have a gt tdi 2.0 mk5 btw
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i heard it could be the torsion, How can vw get it wrong!!!!!
They said they havnt heard of the torsion adjusment and everything looks fine :S
Might be of some use.

I would take it back to the garage who did the timing belt and get them to check over it thoroughly, don't be fobbed of with "it looks fine". I agree that everyone makes mistakes but if you make a mistake you should at least do your best to sort it. Also as the guy did in the above post, ask the mechanic to call the VW tech centre for further advice.

The advise I would give you on things like this is get names of mechanics who you speak to when going back and forth garage who initially did your work and better still get things documented down, just so you have it to come back on should it be required.
It was actually vw that changed it.

Gonna show them it.
Take it back and get em to fix it.

VW work comes with a gaurenteee.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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