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Engine remap on a 2.8 4 motion

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Hi all i ve had a search but i can only find old posts, i ve decided to go down the route of an engine remap but since there as so many people and companys to choose from can anyone recommend a good one ? ( in the south preferably)

I am not expecting it to gain a huge amount of horse power, my only mods engine wise are a induction kit and powerflow exhaust.

What does sort of power gain should i expect ?

Thanks luke
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Most you'll be looking at is about 220bhp mate. Where to go I don't have any 1st hand experience but have heard nothing but good things about R-Tech power. However, personally I think you'll be seeing the same gains from wherever you go (no matter what they claim 220ish is your limit) as long as you chose a good tuner with a decent reputation.
not really worth doing on the 4mo mate i looked into it and all you will gain is around 10-15 bhp you may find it smooths the power delivery out a bit really not worth the cash in imho but if you really want it done you could try jkm in portsmouth
Its not about the peak power gains, its all about how the car feels and drives after the maybe only get 10bhp more BUT mapped correct it will transform the car, sharper crisper throttle response, smoother midrange with all the factory flat spots removed, raised rpm limter and better MPG.... It is a car which is worth remapping.

And if your down south I can also give thumbs up to the guys at JKM Performance, you cannot go wrong with them.

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