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ENGINE PROBLEM - coughing/nearly stalling on start up!

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Hi everyone,

right then, had a downpipe fitted and then i had problems soon after. the engine light came on, and cold starting saw the engine coughing a bit when i pulled away (loss of acceleration and then acceleration etc) and then the temp gauge kept fluctuating while i was driving, tick over was erratic sometimes too. went back into awesome to get a revo stage 2 and told them about the problem. they thought it could be a malfunctioning thermostat and coolant gauge, so got them changed. this worked and the temp gauge is now planted on 90 once warmed up and that's all good.

BUT, today i went to start the car (very cold)...started fine, but then when i tried to pull away, there was a massive drop in revs, and tick over was fluctuating from 500-1000rpm, and if i revved, nothing acceleration at all! turned the car off, back on, and the same thing happened. this happened once more, and then i got away ok. but the turbo seemed to be spinning up too quick even though i wasn't accelerating hard...felt like it was slipping (?) (is this even possible?). once it warmed up, it seemed fine though.

so my question is...what is going on?! if anyone has any ideas, it would be a massive help. i thought at first that it may be the coil-packs...that would explain the erratic starting and lumpy ride, but i thought that carried on regardless of temp. once warmed up my car is fine!

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Could be the maf but it normally affects it hot or cold.
right ok cheers, anyone got any other thoughts on this?
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