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Engine help required

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Alright guys

I'm a long time lurker but now have a real problem and need some help.

Have a 98 plate gash engined 1.4 that is now on its way out , im looking to change engines as debating to either just put in a 1.6 or go a bit bigger with the 1.8t. Does anyone out there have any good info regarding recon engines and places that can do conversions.

Would be great to hear anyones advice as i really dont want to get another car and have managed to get hold of a shed load of bits to play with when the weather is warmer....[:)]

Cheers in advance
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If you can't do the conversion yourself then I would say sell the car and buy a golf gti instead, labour isn't cheap for an engine conversion, but you would be looking at around £1k labour alone.

Also when you add on the buying all the other parts you need like coilovers, brakes, and the labour to fit these parts too, it's just not worth it.

A conversion is never meant to be a cheap solution, it should be done without worry for expense as an idea, re-sale shouldn't cross your mind and neither should any concerns arising from problems from a conversion, you have the inevitability of problems if you pay someone £1k and bought the engine for £1.2k and find the engine is no good then you should be able to afford to have them take the engine out, buy another one and fit it back in.

That's why most who do the engine conversion can either financially afford to do it and look after it or they know how to do the conversion and look after it themselves. I would say advise you to buy a gti instead they can be had for around £2000 anyway
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Conversions of any kind are ONLY EVER a good idea if you can find the parts for peanuts and do the work yourself.

For example, TSR performance charge 4750 to put a 1.8T into a mk2 golf, standard.

I know for a fact I could build two or three for that money, my conversionis costing me about 500 quid all told, to compare.
Really want to see this beast of a mk2 of yours Ian, must go like stink on a stick with such a light shell, you planning on going hybrid or big turbo?
not as the moment, its going in on standard management lol, then it will get a remap and should see 195 brake.

Which weight wise will put me alongside a 270 BHP mk4

K04 would give the same power to weight as an RS4 but more fun lol, so im going to just go till im happy, which will be never.
I've always been so tempted by the idea of a mk2, something so reserved and evil about them lol whenever you see them on the autobahn you know it's not stock lol might have to be my next project
Low as a badgers belly, smoked crosshairs, badgeless 5 slat grille, Azev A's in 16, G60 arches and tinted rear windows.

just need the go to match it now lol
Not sure how deep your pockets are but an LSD to put all the power you plan to run on it will give the expression it corners like it's on rails a whole new meaning, did you fab up the engine mounts yourself or did you buy them?
my car came with vibratechnics mounts on the standard engine, and the 1.8T block marries up to mk2 mounts just fine so im using those. I am also poly bushing the car throughout when I do the conversion, its already on Rally brakes with zimmerman disks, G60 top mounts, bilstein shocks and springs and continental sport contact tyres so I will see how it goes with that and go from there.
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