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Hi guys,

My car has started making a noise within the last few weeks which is getting worse and so I am slightly concerned. Basically it only happens at around the 1500rpm point and sounds like a bit of a quick tapping/creaking noise. It doesn't really occur with fast acceleration but with normal driving is more prevalent. The car has done 58k and I have read/heard somewhere that the timing chain may need tightening around about this point so thought it could be that? The car still drive smoothly and seems otherwise absolutely fine. Perhaps it was a hard winter getting caught in the snow a few times or perhaps it's none of the above. If you have any suggestions as to what the problem or remedy might be I'd be very grateful to hear it!



EDIT I've done some research on the forum and it would seem some people have an infamous mk5 dash board rattle and the VW dealer said it was the fuel pipe in the internals of the car which would also explain it but confilict with the research I've done here. Can anyone advise? Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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