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Engine cuts out randomly..

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The majority of the time the car starts up fine on the first attempt, but someones it takes a few goes to get it to start. And not long after i start it first time, it sometimes cuts out and when trying to get it going again it can take two or three attempts.

It's quite inconsistent there is no real pattern to it, i can start it up fine in the cold do a 10 mile journey, pull up, turn the engine off and then go to restart it minutes later and it won't start straight away or it can be the first time i go to drive it. It's starting to happen more regularly so i was just wandering if anyone could shed some light on this. I have a Mk4 1.6 by the way.

Thanks Jayson
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It's quite possibly the speed sensor, mine broke down tonight and rac traced it to the speed sensor. Engine cuts out randomly then won't restart for ten minutes or so..
Ahh right, thanks i'll get my dad onto it as it's getting more frequent and pretty annoying! He suggested it may be the fuel sensor or pump but he hasn't had a look yet so we'll have to see what shows up.

Cheers for the advice mate!
got the exact same problem, same car aswel! lol it just decides to stall itself and then it wont want to start and it seems like the battery is dead and has to be jumped, but most of the time its fine? i havent got a clue what it is?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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