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Emissions lights?? what if?

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well came home last night after driving from poole to reading and about 3 miles to go my emissions light comes on now im wondering what if petrol could have done this ive had the car custom coded to run on 97 or higher but the only petrol i could find in stock in poole was 95 could this have caused the light to come on or should i just go get checked out by VW and see if its the thermo or lamba from what ive searched and read.

the cars a 2001 gti turbo, only mod is a custom code

dont be too harsh im just thinking openly
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not really, it ideally needs vagcom to read the code, but this time of year lambda sensors throw up over fueling codes as its so cold outside and were overfueling a little
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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