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Electric windows problem

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few problems with the electric windows, windows go down perfectly fine,

but after a certain point, when trying to put the windows back up, it decides to go part way up then puts thw window down completely?

anybody else come across this ?

ive heard of peoples windows going down when opening the car on the fob and when doors are opened but not this.

could the seals in the door be knackered ?

cheers, James
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Didn't know people speak Italian in Lancashire these days? ;-)

Does this happen when using the auto-close convenience feature? i.e. you press the door window switch to start the windows closing and then they should close all the way themselves? If so, it might be the safety feature cutting in.

If they feel more than a pre-set level of resistance when closing, they will stop and open fully. Normally, all you need to do is re-train the windows to the accepted level of closing force required.

You do this by using the door electric window switches. Open the windows fully, then close the windows fully and keep the close button pressed for a couple of seconds after the windows have closed. That should be it.

Hope that helps. Let us know how you get on,
I've had this problem on the driver's window, intermittently, for 4 years. A dealer used to regularly look at it when it was under warranty, but could never solve it, and I gave up on it eventually.

I'll try Stuart's suggestion (although I'm not that hopeful!).
i have the same problem. came to live with it.
Thanks stuart for the reply, i did try what you said abolut re-training the windows but to no avail

What i have noticed though, is that if you go to put up the window but do not use the convenience function, by pulling up a few 2/3 times before using the full convenience function 9/10 times it decides to work !

Wierd i know,

Cheers any how, James
Press the window all the way down, hold for 10 seconds, press the window up and hold for 10 seconds.
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