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ebay turbo

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hi i got a 115 gttdi 2001 and it goes into limp mode so i have been told its sticy veines car has done 100k so i thought instead of messing about getting turbo cleaned i could get a new one and found this

do you think this will be ok or some dodgy ebay rubbish and is this a good price for the unit

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Probably mate best bet though is to ring them and find out for yourself. Dependant on what they say you will be able to gauge how knowledgeable they are about what they sell.
seems rather cheap for a new turbo...I would suspect its a rebuilt unit or a chinese copy[:O] £300 seems a bit to shell out, have you tried cleaning your turbo?
not tryed cleaning it as i dont really know how and would prob brake somthing and i know r tech do i cleaning service but its 240 and i would have to get to them and stay somwhere while its done so 300 seemed the cheaper

its either that or sell it and get something else like a focus[:(]
phone them sayin that you had a turbo off them 6moths a go. and that its blowed then see what they will do about it
I say take it off and clean it.

You can do quite a lot of cleaning with out that much work. I had a guide up on here the other day. Have to find that out. will you be fitting it yourself?

I have a turbo from my 2001 AJM golf. Its not the prettiest thing in the world but i believe it is the one you need. I replaced my engine cavity to an ASZ so it is no longer needed but working fine i believe. might take me a while to hunt it out.
i would get a garage to fit it for me

i would try it myself but not sure if its a job for a novice i dont know if there are any special torque settings to tighten bolts back to and such

now thinking of trading it in against a gti but its done 88k dont know if thats high for a 1.8 turbo do they last like a tdi
i would say you can fit it yourself.

downpipe off.

vacuum off

air intake pipe off

boost pipe off.

crack the oil pipe on turbo off

crack all 8 bolts holding the turbo to the block off and then undo them all.

there may also be an extra bracket on the botttom of the turbo if so remove it.

then completely disconnect both oil feed and oil return pipes and then the hardest part will be to get the thing out of wherever you can.
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just take a look at my build thread ...I cleaned mine on the car with oven cleaner squirted down the EGR exhaust connection pipe[:O]It works trust me[Y]


see here too
that oven cleaner sonunds a bit brave

i wish i had a bit more mechanical know how if you ask me to fit a kitchen or put on ur roof fine but anything more than brakes or suspention and im lost lol

I think doing the steps (the lazymanway) that are detailed in Madmans click here are easier than finding a turbo or buying a new car.

This is the bit of the thread that makes it clearest for me Clicky
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