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eBay Intercoolers

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I'm thinking of getting 1 of the cheap Intercoolers off eBay but i have a couple of questions regarding them

1. What is the advantage of fitting 1 (added bhp better turbo response)

2. Are they easy to fit without having to pay a pro to do it

3. Will i need to have the stage 1 map adjusted to get the best out of the Intercoolers

All replys welcomed Jon
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i think from reading topics on here before they do need messing about with to good a nice good fit! i have looked beofre and thought against it...

also on a stage 1 remap i wouldnt bother with one butr stage 2 i think you do defo need a bigger intercooler to keep temps down all i can remember sorry lol
I fitted one to my mate's car last week. It was a right royal PITA. Everything seemed to fit ok, although the turbo pipe needed modifying to fit an N75 barb.

It was alright until the time came to put the bumper back on. Half of it needed trimming away - it needed major surgery to fit, and then it was hanging out of the bottom of the bumper.
Bitches to fit but help keep inlet temps down. Not needed for stage 1 but stage 2 they are recommended by most tuners. Will not need to tweek the map and they will NOT add bhp but will sustain bhp when the going gets hot.

so i was right about needing one at stage 2 and they are not fun to fit

Forge do one with the cooler / pipework / elbows / clamps / mod'd crash bar to fit /

so its a easy fit job no cutting required buddy but it has a price lol
I have a 150 BHP TDI front mount intercooler I would sell if it is any use to you?
You would need slam panel, radiator and associated pipework if you was to fit a pd150 FMIC.

Yep Forge do one but its 600 big ones for your car.

a FMIC improves cooling every turbo setup, even standard. every car can suffer heatsoak when being driven hard, even a standard car!

a FMIC might not add horsepower in itself but when getting a custom map most tuners will push it a little harder when a FMIC is installed as they know that the car has better cooling so can cope with pushed that little bit harder.

BUT, be very careful with cheap intercoolers as a badly designed core could lose you a noticable amount of power compared to a well designed core, the same goes for pipework. if the pipework has a lot of bends that aren't needed and changes in diameter this too can induce lag and lose you power.

adding more pipework and a larger intercooler will always increase lag compared to a similar SMIC installation as there is more pipework.core to fill with air before it gets to the engine. in my experience the extra cost of specific kits from the likes of forge and proalloy etc are money well spent in the long run.
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Thanks for all the advise think I might just bite the bullet and get a forge 1 from R-Tech then
i only mention forge and proalloy as they are big names, *other intercoolers are available*
Of course. I can only think of 3 specifically designed to the MK4. THS, forge and Pro Alloy.

THS Intercooler: £450 - comes with uprated pancake pipe - only for the 1.8T - comes with stainless pipes.
Forge: £500-600 - comes with pre modified crash bar - fits diesels too - but all silicon piping
Pro Alloy: £800ish.

To me, the forge kit doesnt warrant £600 of intercooler.
Yeh, ebay coolers are probably not the best core, so could actually end up being worse...high psi drop etc.

I cant see any of the big names using a crappy core design
I want to get stage 2 map would it be better to get this done first or put the Intercooler on at the same time or before
Allard do one too...look on Ebay FMIC kits come up for reasonable money now and again. I looked at a few before I settled on the Turborevs SMIC[C]
I want to get stage 2 map would it be better to get this done first or put the Intercooler on at the same time or before
any time except after mate.
Im seriously looking into it...Just waiting for Nick @ R Tech to get me a quote for one.

Think ill be going for the THS one tho.
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