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Ebay Cold Air Induction Kit Anyone?

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Anybody had any experience with one of these? ?45 for a cold kit has surely got to be worth it. Has anybody fitted it or driven a car with it fitted?
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i had one but changed the filter for a pipercross cone.
Yup waste of time mate...The golf has a cold air fed system as standard. just get a better flowing filter, although TDI club have tested a stock one and its as good as it gets. I like a cleanable filter as its better for the environment.[Y] So just replace the stock one for a 'performance' panel filter of your choice[snack]
yeah i had one, ran the filter that came with it for a while then changed the filter for a jetex one. back on standard airbox now.

not really and noticable gains imo, but if your after that turbo spool up sound and the dump noise then you will get it with one of these.
im thinking of getting one and spraying it matt or crackle black.. if anyones got an old rusty one laying about holla senorita!
im thinking of getting one and spraying it matt or crackle black.. if anyones got an old rusty one laying about holla senorita!
that should look awesome! am thinking of getting one soon enough
I have a cone filter on the end of my maf at the minute, a pipercross one thats sucking up hot air from the engine bay. Instead of buying a stock air box and all the bolts and piper AND a performance filter i thought i might just get this instead. Its cheaper and i keep the sounds i already have. I just wanted to know if anybody has experience with them. Thanks for the replys though guys.
Thats link is from my phone so might not work.
I think its worth it just for the pipework. Better than ?200 for like a venom kit or a carbonio. Im going to buy tomorrow. I'll give my views when i fit it. Thanks for the help people!
Does the same job as the carbonio, just get yourself a decent filter on the end as the one it comes with is crap.

You can pick filters up for about a fiver on ebay
I have a pipercross cone already. I'll try both though.
Hey, i ordered one of these and tried fitting it today.

It doesnt come with any instructions and cant for the life of me figure it out?

Has anyone actually fitted one yet??

It's like it doesnt seem to be designed for the car it makes no sense, i dont even see where it could fit in. (I have taken the stadard airbox out)
Hi, i fitted it last weekend and its a bit of a pain in the behind. You have to take the battery off and the front bumper too. Mine was hard because one of the screws for my bumper are rounded off so i coulnt get it off. Also i would take out the headlight too. Its a very tight fit but it does fit. I dont have any pics at the minute so i will post some up later tonight when i get home and explain what i did.
THose intakes are amazing! My friend had his on the 1.8t and its a tight fit, but once in looks the nuts!

It sounded lush too!

Bargain compared to other competitors !
i have one on my car, been running it for 3 1/2 yrs now without any problems, i found the fitting was really easy, didnt have to take the bumper off or the head light out, just removed the airbox, battery moved some wiring out of the way and it slid down behind the headlight easy.
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