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dump valve

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hi people got a question and may get ripped for this but here goes i have t plate golf turbo engine code agu now im running a forge atmospheric dump valve with no issues except fuel consumption would the dump valve effect this?also i am thinking of relocating dump vaalve to coldside would this make the valve dump louder?also what size t piece would ineed as i am thinking of doing a diy job any help would be most appreciated kind regards and a happy new year rick xx reason for these questions is i have recently fitted a front mount and dump valve has got quieter xx
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i dont see how a dump valve could affect fuel said your intercooler made the dv quiter? yeah relocating it could affect noise a bit and am sure i've read somewhere on here relocating the dv somewhere near the intercooler try searching mate
I would also say that a DV would probably not affect fuel consumption, although fitting the front mount possibly could - if the map on your car doesn't allow for the additional volume of air, the ECU might adjust he mixture (making it richer) to compensate...

As for making more noise - I run a recirculating valve with a K&N cone filter and this makes plenty of dump noise as the released air leaves through the cone. [Y]

cool dude thanks for help got another question as you got a agu a red light kept coming on yesterday an exclamation mark in brackets i have checked my manual and it says top brake fluid up is this true cheers rick
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