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Dump valve removal help needed

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Ok Guys, as disscussed in my other thread here is the picture of the dump valve currently on the car:

Dump valve

I am guessing that the location for this isn't correct so I can't put the genuine VW recirculating valve on here, I do have a section capped off at the back of the car:


Is this the location that the VW one should be?

If so how am I going to fix the gap in the hose that the old one left? Will I need to get a new hose? Is there anything else I need to get here to get it back to standard?

Sorry for all the questions yet again

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The dump valve is situated on the intake pipe between the maf and the turbo, the pipe you're looking at will connect to it
Sorry mate, don't understand? You mean the second pic is where it goes or that I can fit it where the existing one is?
You currently have a atmospheric one on your car. probably not be best for a AUM with electronic throttle as the air being used by the dump valve has been recorded by the MAF sensor so fuelling adjusted appropriately.

The 3" blue piece of samco hose is where the original one would have plumbed into, on the end of a pipe that looks a bit like a 'S'. That pipe would then lead to the recirculating valve which would also be connected to the intake pipe before the turbo from the airbox (you will probably have a bung in that too)

Hope that helps.
It certainly does help Chris thanks, I do have another hose blocked off.
Does anyone have the original pipework they can sell?
Hmm, as a second thought...why dont you get a recirc valve and get some piping to link it back up into the turbo air pipe?

Cold side relocation.
Sorry Chris I have no idea what that means [:$]
u can get all the pipes off ebay too stick it back too standard mine was like this when i got my car couple months back bloody boy racers with there bailey dump valves
Thanks mate, do they have a specific name?
Free standard turbo intake pipe if you want it? Just arrange collection or we can make some plan
Post a picture of the right hand side of the engine bay, should be able to help more depending on what has been changed.

The dump valve you have on the eBay link I have in my car at the moment I would say it was slightly better than the standard 710n or the factory original but nothing great
Thanks for that mate, will get a picture of the whole bay tomorrow. I don't understand what they have done to it or why? Having never seen an untampered engine bay its hard to picture what goes where so I really appreciate the help
No atmospheric will be better than a recirc.

The MAF sensor has taken into account the air going through the system and has adjusted fueling appropriately. so dumping the air that would have went into the engine, into the air, will only mean your engine runs rich.

MRTOG - a cold side relocation is where the dump valve is palced just before the throttle body, with the cold air (as its passed through the intercooler). Its sceptical as to whether its a benefit or not as heat is meant to kill the dump valves off quicker. no hard evidence of it though.
Ah right I understand that Chris thanks. sorry about all the questions guys this is all new to me. I have used the search function a lot today and have already ordered a new coolant temperature sensor, found out its location and how to fit it and how to clean the MAF sensor. Just want to get the car right as its a nice drive and doing the miles I do for work I need to have confidence in it. is there anything else you guys would recommend I had cleaned / changed apart from plugs,oil, oil filter, fuel filter and air filter?
Not really.....unless you suspect the MAF is playing up, and you have a scan to show the low readings/fault code, id leave that....they are VERY fragile.

Other than a really good service and some decent plugs, not much you can do with it tbh.
when you do an oil change go for a fully synth because these engines suffer if you use mineral or part synth because of the size of the pick up, found that out first hand!
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