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Ideas needed please.

2004 Golf GT Tdi DGS 134k. Tried to start the engine after a very frozen evening (-19 degrees), and the 'P' indicator next to the s election lever is flashing. This will not allow me to start the engine. Normally, with the ignition off, the gear lever can be moved out of Park as long as the brake pedal is being pressed. This does not happen now [:(]

I have had a few instances of the gearbox going into safe mode in the past, but they have been more than 12 months ago and is resolvable. I have had the car for 128k of its miles and is my pride and joy, the gearbox is normally fantastic.

Anyone has any idea what the flashing P symbol means and a possible remedy?

Any help gladly received, trying to get advice from VW dealer is like I'm asking for free money.
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