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Driver Window Broken !

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Hi there guys i have done a search on this before i posted this, and my problems seems to be different from others i have look at ......

So today it snowed and my car was in the work carpark all day freezing its butt off, i jumped in and warmed the car up, without thinking i ligthed a smoke and went to wind down the window! silly mistake! there was a crunch sound......the motor was still active and winds up and down i can hear it working away... so i tapped the window and it hit the deck i can do the window up and down still but if i wanted too i could pull the glass right out the door

:( not good any ideas im going to VW tomorrow and any part numbers would be great if this has happened to you beofre thanks guys !
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sounds like the normal clip has broken when mine did it i removed the door card in the middle of the doctors carpark and tightened the clip back up onto the glass, i also had the metal clip on that side,

its possible that the glass had frozen to the Chanel but the clip pulled itself out
okay that is useful to know buddy so might not be broken just pulled out of the clips and yea it was frozen in the channel lol badly ....but could be okay then ill have a little peak tomorrow in the cold yay [Y]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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