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Driver door open warning??

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I have came across a fault with my driver door open warning light on the dash, basically when the drivers doors open the little diagram of the car doesn't show whereas all others do including bonnet and boot!! I think the problem started when my car cig lighter stopped working!!

Any ideas guys?
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most common problem is the micro switch for the drivers door i think there are a few guides to get to it somewhere on here. poss by imagewerx
Thanx imagewerx [Y]

Is this the most likely thing it could be then?
thanks imagewerx

Is this the most likely thing it could be then?
Will there be a programme about Kerry Katona on EVERY time we turn the telly on[hunter]?

Mine just started failing too, following the one in the boot going the other week. Should have thought to change it when I did the window mech in the summer - DOH !

Current symptoms are interior light and puddle light not coming on when Drivers door open, and car relocking when Drivers door open if I don't hurry to put key in ignition.
I got quoted £89 + VAT at TPS today for a drivers door
mech, so I will be attempting a repair on mine, once again, thanks for
the info !
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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