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dr japs dyno day derv tech

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results from the dyno day pd130 standard injectors gtb2260 turbo mapped by hidden power


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if that is on stock nozzles and cam I'd love to see what my car would do on that dyno ;)
yh stock nozzles stock cam there was a similar spec fabia but he was running firad 80s and a cam and he only got 279bhp gunna back that figure up on another dyno never really thought you could get past 240 on standard nozzles
If you have vcds can you post logs from 1500 to 4k rpm?
Channels 4 and 11 will be enough :)
log of boost dont want to be posting logs of fuel as its not my work though maps still being tweaked at the moment for better spool

The boost map needs some work.

Why do you need so much boost on stock nozzles?

I've tested stock nozzles with a 2260vk and managed ~235hp with approx. 1.85bar smokefree.
Yeah that boost control needs some work, N75 is up and down like a yo-yo

Would love to know the duration of injection at peak HP, surely you can share that even if you won't share the log.

*edit* This was run at Dervtech? That explains some of the ambitious figures I've been reading.... ????
duration was around 44 smokes not that bad tbh
That 235hp was done with 40deg
Is there really no point in going past 40 degree does it just cause egts to go through roof
Even at 40deg its really the max i would push. Even at 39/40deg its not very efficient as pcp are very high and you are risking pistons. I've got pictures somewhere where they have cracked after prolong use (25 to 30k).
with bigger nozzles you stay well under 39deg as more fuel means even higher pcp.
The trick is to keep the duration window low as possible therefore fit bigger nozzles. Pcp is just one consideration others would be egt, air charge temp, soi (another influence on pcp). You dont want to keep injecting fuel when the piston is on the way down.

I hope the above makes some sense.
Makes perfect sense I read an post on tdiclub about going past 39 degree about its just unburnt wasted fuel just causing heat looks like il get some bigger nozzles don't want to risk any damage
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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