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I'm after a part number for Right Hand Drive car, driver side door lock module. Is it the same as for LHD car right door lock module?

Here is the long story:

Having replaced the clutch etc, I turned my attention to the interior lights.

The driver door puddle light & right passenger reading light never worked. I assumed it was a blown bulb and left it alone.

I tested the bulbs on weekend, and both are fine, so I returned to reading the forum.
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Turns out, the driver door lock module is at fault! Not the window module that I (needlessly) replaced.

I pulled out the lock from the donor car to clean the microswitch. The clips holding the key lock cover broke. Guess I can superglue .

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The module does not have a VW part number anywhere on it....
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7 Zap part diagram shows these codes for RHD vehicles:
driver / right front : 6X2 837 014 C
pass / left front : 6X2 837 013 C

But, there's one for sale on which looks the same externally and is labelled as:
Reference OE/OEM Number: 6X1 837 014H, 3B1837016AD, 5Z1837016F
which should be for LHD cars based on 7 Zap, but seller has sold 890 units and when I asked, they are adamant these are suitable for RHD cars.
It's a UK seller (d2pautoparts10 ) with excellent reviews.

So, is right door (driver) module for Right Hand Drive car the same as right (passenger) for LHD car?

I'd prefer to do this once using a new module given all that's involved.
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