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Door handle problem.

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This morning when I went out to the car it had snowed and all the doors were frozen shut, so to try and get the door open I was pulling quite hard on the handle.

At some point I must have pulled a bit hard and something gave way, now the handle doesn't return all the way back, instead sticking out a few MM.

The door still closes and opens ok, but it obviously isn't right. You cant just push it back in either, it seems like something is stopping it.

Anyone know what could be wrong?

Thanks, Dave.
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looks like you have broken it, here's a good how too, check out the pictures and text for the door lock.
Do you mean i've broken the handle or something in the lock mechanism?

well if you have forced it maybe both..sounds like you may have damaged the can only tell when you have it out.
No problem, i'm not sure when i'm going to get a look at it, was going to be today, but i'm having to contend with a knackered boiler.

Thanks for the advice.

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