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I suspect my left rear door card leather was destroyed by the prior owner's dog. Multiple attempts at leather cleaning were not successful.

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The leather insert in my donor's car was intact but delaminated and detached from the blue plastic door card prongs. So I pulled out the donor insert, cleaned up the inner surfaces and re-glued.
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I wish I'd seen this video when gluing down the leather.

So today, I took out the dog affected door card and cut off the overhangs from the plastic prongs. Cutting perpendicular to the backing board will make sure to leave the entire prong standing up, for later glue. Doesn't take much effort.
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Don't cut flush with the backing board as you'll have nothing to glue to, and the prong may break.
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I tried using a soldering iron and tip of a cable tie as was suggested on an old forum. I got the bits to melt, but they wouldn't bond. So I used a hot glue gun. I let the glue dry for 2 hours...

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...and installed the new door card. Also cleaned up the sticky door handle and re-glued the walnut trim.
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This guy shows a complicated method using two zip ties for each plastic prong.
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