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Right having got the details sent to me here are the details.

Event: Donny South 2005
Date: Sunday 14th August 2005
Venue: North Weald Airfield, Essex

I called up the organisers and they said no limits to how many car we could have on the stand but we have to book early to guarantee spaces. As we always average around 25-30 cars at one of our London meets, lets say we do a stand for 25.

As a 'Show Car Driver' (i.e. meaning your car is on the stand for display), each participant will need to pay ?5 to get them and their car in which isn't bad considering the price of the ticket to go to the show is ?15. Extra passengers in the car will cost ?10 to get in.

Right then, nitty gritty. If you are interested, I need to have your full name, your car details (Golf/Bora GTI/TDI/V6/R32 etc), Registration number and some photos of the car (You can send me a file or a link to a piccy)

So please PM with the details or send me an email to [email protected]

Form says closing date for submission is 1st August but ideally want to submit the form to them by June or earlier so at that time I will need to collect the payment off you and send them a cheque.

?5000 Ripseed National Best Car Club Championship
Theres a competition for best car club with the following prizes.

1st) ?3000
2nd) ?1500
3rd) ?500

Although they say 'modified' cars, Im sure we can give it a go and make UK-MKIV proud. Not sure what we would do with prize money but if we win, obviously donating back to the forum would be a good idea.

More details about the show can be found at

Confirmed List
RayBanUK (Details Received) ORGANISER
WallaceL (Details Received) PAIDCollect at meeting point
(Details Received) PAID + 2 Passengers SENT
Bora_Tom (Details Received) PAID Collect at meeting point
Nosaj (Details Received) PAID + 1 Passenger Collect at meeting point
M15_DST (Details Received) PAID + 1 Passenger
PAID + 1 Passenger SENT
TimGTI (Details Received) PAID + 1 Passenger SENT
Faisal (Details Received)
PAID + 1 Passenger SENT
TurboDub (Details Received)
PAID + 2 Passengers SENT
ViperSych (Details Received) IOU
Collect at meeting point

Essex_Escy (Details Received) Cancelled

goose (not confirmed)
Cage (not confirmed)
PJ(not confirmed)
Adi_Nuff_Valves (not confirmed)
tylerama (not confirmed)
T9APC (not confirmed)
Gareth 1.8T (not confirmed)

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I just saw the other thread for the Donny show up in Doncaster, and it reminded me that I was going to start this thread about Donny South 2005. I asked Tabs in January whether it be OK to set up a stand there but it was too early to put a post up about it, but now its March, I think its enough advance notice to plan it.

I'm more or less targeting this at the usual suspects that go to the London/Essex meets (others welcome of course), as Donny South is held at North Weald Airfield, Essex. Its very near Epping and just off the M11 so easy to get to from London and Essex. The date is Sunday 14th August. As we seem to be having all these London and Essex meets, it might be a great idea to do one in style at a show near to both meets.

This is just a feeler post to see if we get enough interest to do a stand there this year. I went last year and there was presence for every marque (FFOC, RenaultSport, SeatEnthusiasts etc) but sadly lacking in a unified VW presence.

Anyway, let me know and if we have enough interest, I'll run it past the team here at UKMKIV and organise it.

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Waiting for the others to come on the forum to see if we can get enough interest. Should be a blast.

BTW, MK4 and MK5s, I forgot to say. I know the question of A3/S3 and Polos might pop up but will see how much interest and how big of a stand we can get first.

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Don't be silly of course it is! I did say MK4 and MK5's. Notice I never mentioned the word 'Golf' [:p] which means Boras are more than welcome. Anyway like all the shows UK-MKIVS is attending this year, it'll be good to have a range of different spec cars, modded and unmodded at the shows so 1.4, 1.6, 1.8T, 2.0, TDIs, V5/V6, R32 etc.

Last year when I went, RenaultSport/FFOC had about 10-15 cars on their stand (on the grass) and Im hoping we can get about that amount. I will assign places once we get enough interest and I have sorted out the logisitics/details with the show organisers.

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Thanks for the interest so far. I've updated the top post now to list the people who are currently interested. Going to wait until the end of this week to see how many we have and then I will call up the organisers to see what they can offer us.

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Well, lets see how many spaces we can get first. If we are parking on the grass like a lot of the other clubs were last year then we should have 10-15 spaces. Im hoping this is what we would get as a smaller stand means we can only have around 5-6 cars which is not ideal. Anyway, I think what would be good is a range of different cars. By this I mean different colours and different spec and different look. R32 and MK5 GTI (if we get one) are going to be the crowd pullers, followed by modified 1.8Ts and V6s but we dont want to leave TDIs behind and we also want oem looking cars with good engine mods as well. Basically try to have a range of different cars so to promote what UK-MKIVS is about and how its not just about top end vehicles.

Last thing I want is to just have all black or silver cars. SO a bit of variety in colour would be good and also some Boras are more than welcome. So at the very least a R32, a TDI, a Bora, a GTI (or 3), even a modified 1.4/1.6.

I've sent off my enquiry to the Donny people and Im awaitng for the info to get back to me.

Lets get all the interested parties first and once we have been assigned spaces, we can vote for who goes on the stand. BTW even though Im organising, it doesnt mean my car will be on show, just so thats it fair.
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