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I bought my car with this problem already there so it took me quite a
while to suss out how to fix it and what to do. So that life is easier
for the rest of you, Ive made a tutorial of how to get that light
working again !

Below is a DIY of how to fix the light if it does not work in your
bora (or maybe golf, never tried though) or works now and again . It
was done in a VW bora V5 2000 model.

The aim of the tutorial is to replace your microswitch which DOES
come out without any butchering. The switch is available from VW for
about ?8 although I managed to dry out the switch and connector plug
and was all systems go.

1. Open boot lid and remove the carpet lining. There are 13
Phillips head screws which are located approximately where the yellow
circles are in the following picture. Optionally (if you have the
hazard sign in your boot for emergencies) you you might have to take
out two torx screwed located where the blue circles are.

Posted Image

The screws in the above picture (yellow dots above) are coated with
carpet fibres, so using a bare screwdriver may scratch the coating off
but I did it with care and nothing happened. If youve got a right sized
philips, it should be cool. Otherwise, open the screws through some
plastic bag or something to protect the screw heads.

2. Once the carpet lining is off, disconnect the actuator rod from
the latch assembly by removing the rod from the connector(green arrow).
The black plastic round cap just comes off ... you might need to tug it
a bit but if you find yourself battling with it, youre probably pulling
off something wrong !

Posted Image

3. Remove (2) 10mm nuts (inside yellow circles in above picture) to disconnect the latch assembly from the trunk lid.

4. Flip up microswitch retaining flap on underside of boot latch
assembly (yellow arrow in picture below). This is hard to explain but
you see those two white plastic heads coming out of the black flap ?
Well, those two heads are holding the flap in place, You need to just
pull the flap over them two heads (NOT BY REMOVING THE HEADS!) and the
rest will all come off easily.

Posted Image

5. After doing so the microswitch should slide right out of the
latch assembly, as seen in the picture below. Disconnect the
microswitch from its harness connector by pulling the two side tabs
outward (yellow arrows) at the same time.

Posted Image

6. You can test to see if the microswitch is bad and causing the
boot light/dash indicator not to work by jumping the two terminals in
the harness connector with a small wire. If the boot light comes on,
then the microswitch is bad and needs to be replaced. If the light
doesn't come on, then the problem may also be somewhere else (but may
be the microswitch as well). Check the bulb (you should really do this
first) and the wiring between the harness connector and the light.

7. Install new microswitch and reassemble everything by following the above in reverse.

The part number will be on the microswitch, I dont want to quote it
just in case mines different to yours so its best to get you to check
what it is and order it in.

So, that should be it. If theres any questions then fire away. GOOD LUCK!

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thanks guys.

Yup I would say the intermittent nature of this problem is caused by the connection getting damp due to condensation/moist in the air. Youll be suprised as how much gunk gathers up in there due to the damp! Make sure you clean it out properly (I cleaned it with a toothpick and small pieces of tissue), blow dry it and put it all back together again. Some people go and buy new microswitches but I think this is unnecessary unless theres corrosion on the connector itself.

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how come the car in the pics is green, and yours is silver? you got the pics of someone else?

and it also looks very bright and sunny in the background.... in the middle of december... hmmm something smells... FISHY!!! [:)] Come on Nudda, own up! You got the pics somewhere else!! [;)]

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Quote: posted by heirpin on 23/12/2004 08:21:30

OK, here's one for all you clevercloggs out there to ponder over the Christmas break - why do my reversing lights come on when I put upward pressure on the boot lid (with the gearbox in reverse obvously!)?

I would check the earths out as it sounds like you have an issue there, that and the loom as it may be mechanical damage to the loom by the boot lid. Are the rest of the lights OK ?

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Cheers, Good guide + photos.

Haven't done it myself yet, but from the photos have thought of a few more tips.

The actual microswitch should be OK as it looks sealed (red rubber seal around plunger).

If the switch soldered contacts look bad or cracked then they need resoldering.

It would be a good idea (after cleaning and drying) to cover the switch soldered terminals in silicone sealant or hot-melt glue to protect from water.

Isopropyl alcohol (or tape head cleaner solvent) is good to clean the connector contacts with. Coat the contacts or fill the connnector with grease to prevent corrosion (specialist contact grease is best, but any light grease should be OK, but NOT copper grease)

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TDI Boy, Golfs have a completely different latch mechanism & the microswith cannot be removed as you've already doscovered - well not if you ever want it to work again that is! ?25 for the new latch from the dealers. Just changed one for a friend at Christmas
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