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Every time when I fill the tank (always full tank), I will reset the trip counter. In this way I can calculate how many miles have I done, with how many litlers of fuel. Although my high line computers always tell me I am doing 48mpg by average (or 50 something after a long trip), however due to the very short trip (5 min per trip) doing dialy, I am actually only getting 42 mpg by my own calculation. (Don't get me wrong - it is still very good)

Does GTI really gives good mpg after you fill the tank and calculate the miles you've done with that tank of fuel? or are you guys quoting the MPG number shown on your high-line computer?

My feeling to the GT TDi (2.0 Diesel+DSG) is: Paying the fuel cost of a 1.6 petro engine, but getting the power of a 2.8 liter (or even 3.0 litter) petro engine.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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