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I think im going to go for a test drive tomorrow in the GTI. Im going to ask if I can have it for an hour or so, that way i can do my typical work run and see what the MPG difference is between the GTI and my TDI. Id love to be able to order a GTI but I estimate that my TDI will save me ?500 a year on fuel. Having said that I'd probably be spending ?2K on my TDI if I keep it but the GTI spec I would like is going to cost ?23K!!
When contemplating spending this kind of money dont ask insist on a long test drive, I arranged to have the car from 11 until 14:00 the other sunday so I could do exactly what you plan and then some, the demo I took had 8,500 miles on the clock but still drove sweet as a nut and I'm guessing it has led a pretty hard life yet the computer still stated an average of 28.9mpg overall - not bad considering. I even took it home to see if I liked the look of it on my drive, did some twisties plus 140mph on a very private road , returned it and told the salesman I needed a few days to think it over - IMO take your time but it'll get you in the end, mines now on order :)

I also did the fuel calcs' and I'm looking at an extra ?250 ish per year but you only live once and as good as the 2.0tdi is it doesnt really make me smile - the Gti on the other hand had me grinning from ear to ear, let us know how you get on...
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