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Dad took delivery of his Skoda Superb Edition 100 on Friday....Its very nice!

As posted before:

Holy Crap!

Stop the press!

There is a new Superb anniversary edition out! The "Edition 100". Celebrating 100years of Skoda. Only 200 allocated to the UK, 500 in total to the world. Skoda UK have already taken 50 of the 200 for Company Cars!

Its got ?2kish worth of extras, above the Elegance spec.....

Black Magic Pearl Paint (only colour available)

Sunset Privacy Glass , B- Pillar Back. (Gets darker as the sunlight gets brighter!!!)

Solar Sunroof (Charges a small battery to run climate control when car is off. Warms car up for you in the winter, cools in summer!!!)

Net cargo system

Rear Sunblind


Rear Footrest Floormats

It als has the following options that are exclusive to the Edition 100 and cannot be bought!

Limited edition Piano dashboard / interior trim finish (Gloss black, that should please you wood haters!)

Edition 100 Floormats

Edition 100 Kickplates

Edition 100 Badging

Edition 100 Gearknob

Twin Chrome Exhaust

Limited edition Grey Leather seats (usually only Black or Cream available)

Lower Grill Chrom Trim

Cubic 17" Alloys in Limited Edition 100 Satin Paint

New Octavia 2 Style Steering Wheel

Nice eh?

Now add that to the following STANDARD spec.....

1.9 TDI PD 130BHP

6 Speed Manual


17" Alloys

Colour MFD Sat Nav DX + 2005 Uk Disc

6CD Changer

Multifunction leather steering wheel

Full screen display Instrument cluster

Cat vision (W8 mod)

Cruise Control

Rear parking sensors

Umbrella with holder in passenger door

Electric front seats

Memory front seats

Heated front seats

Heated rear seats

Climate Control

Rear Clilmate control controls

Auto dimming rear mirror

Aero wipers

Rain sensor

Curtain airbags, side airbags

Split folding rear seats

Ski bag

Air conditioned glove box

Front armrest

Front armrest air conditioned storage

Memory heated wingmirrors with Reverse Memory

Memory seat and wingmirror control from keyfob

Illuminated interior door tirggers

Illuminated pathways from underside of wingmirror

Welcome home function

Chrome trim on exterior windows and bump strips

Illuminated rear legroom

2 isofix child seat mounts

Warning triangle


Alarm + Immobiliser

Fully delocked

Fuel supply cut off (in case of accident)

3 12v outputs (Front seats, rear seats and boot)

Front / Rear foglamps

Central sunvisor

Then the dealer chucked in.....


Headlamp covers

The cost of the Edition 100 Superb is ?20,900 before haggling! (I was just offered one for ?20,250 and told him I wasnt even buying today). The standard Elegance spec is ?19500, so the Edition 100 is ?1400

The Edition 100 Superb:

Please note, these are pictures from europe, the UK does come with full colour MFD Satnav, rather than the basic stereo in the picture.

P.S. There is also an "Edition 100" Fabia and Octavia too!

Dads Edition 100:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Badging on Front Wing, Ltd Ed."Satin" Paint 17" Cubic wheels, Sunset Tinted Rear windows.

Posted Image

Ltd Ed."Satin" Paint 17" Cubic wheels

Posted Image

Lower Chrome Grill

Posted Image

Edition 100 Front Wing Badge

Posted Image

Octavia 2 Style Wheel, MFD Sat Nav, Ltd Ed. Grey Leather, Ltd Ed Piano Black Trim.

Posted Image

Ltd. Ed. Grey Leather, Sunset Rear Tints, Rear Sunblind

Posted Image

Rear Footrests!

Posted Image

Posted Image


Claybar not required!

What do you guys think?

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The interior looks very, very similar to my Passat, it looks like a lot of the same parts have been used.

Out of interest do you have a better pic of the lower chrome grille, or could you take one?

Very nice car btw, although very, very undertstaded - but thats another good point IMO. I thought the alloys might be a bit more special, they look more like hub caps IMO.

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Having been in one, I was amazed how similar it is to the Passat. Replace the Skoda badge for a VW one and colour the dials blue, and you would be hard pushed to know the difference except for the room in the back, they are so similar.

Do you still stay with your dad mate? If so, there is no way 2 of them are fitting in that drive way!

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you got a close up pic of the rear footrests??

i think a different set of wheels would really make the car maybe even something with a open spoke design but still very nice is this what baker21 is buying???


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Baker21 is getting a Superb, but I dont think its the Edition 100 so it
may not have *all* the toys, but it will certainly be well spec'ed. I
would imagine he is opting for an Elegance, so he should have all the
kit listed above excluding the "Edition 100" bits.

More pics on they way as soon as I can get the time!

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They have one of those in my local Skoda.. I was looking at it when I was picking my car up from its service. It is a really nice and impressive car. The only Skodas I have been impressed with are the VRS ones and that one. All the lower spec skodas are absolutely awful in terms of interior quality. The plastics look so cheap it is unbelievable.. all cheap shiney plastic that I was scared I was going to break as it was so thin. I would say the lower spec skodas are no where near up to the standards of VW.. There is a lot of quality difference across the range. There is no way I would swap my 99 for this 03 plate fabia estate "classic". But as I said, your dad's is one impressive car [Y]

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Yeah...and it gets better...I was tinkering with the Sat Nav.....

...what did I find?

The cars only got DSP as well!!! [:O]

Its not even listed in the spec....anywhere. The Elegance and Edition 100 should both just have Sat Nav and the Standard speaker setup.

(and just to be sure, I checked the boot....and sure enough the amp is sat in a cradle under the parcel shelf)

If they ever made a VAG top trumps game, this would have to be the winning card!

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all cheap shiney plastic that I was scared I was going to break as it was so thin. I would say the lower spec skodas are no where near up to the standards of VW..
Not wanting to start anything but have you been in any VWs newer than a MKIV recently?
Fair point... but it still seems 'ok' quality. I am not saying Skodas are crap quality inside.. I am just saying there is a big difference in quality across the range of skodas. In fact, I was very impressed with the Octavia VRS interior quality with the leather etc and lots of parts which I recognised from the MKIV Golf. I was just surprised to see something of lower quality than my mum's Ford KA. But this was the most basic spec skoda possible... Still, good car.. Looked good and modern outside, excellent engine, nice drive etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm not slating the Skoda name... I would own a Skoda and I am thinking about a Fabia VRS for my next car [Y]
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