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Cruise control problem

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I've recently acquired a MKIV GTI GOLF (AGU 1.8T). Ever since the beginning there has been a weird problem with the cars cruise control.

The cruise engages and stays on, but once the cruise would need to accelerate a bit, it disengages. Since the car doesn't have an electric gas pedal, the cruise is to my knowledge vacuum controlled. I have installed a new stalk and also checked the clutch and the brake switch. Also a friend of mine checked the car for fault codes with VAG-COM, but he did not find anything.

To me the problem sounds like vacuum leak, but I honestly have no idea where to start looking and what to look for, since the whole system is pretty unknown to me. I've tried searching for cases with similar issues but it seems that there a only a few MKIV's with vacuum cruise so the problem is not that common.

Thanks in advance for every bit of help I might receive.
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