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creaky noisy pls help

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ave got this real annoying problem when i do a quarter turn to the left i hear this creaking noise from under the car it doesnt do it if it s a fast full turn just on them slow left hand turns, the sound is hard to describe its a like a faint rattle like somethign is rubbing or vibrating against something can anybody help thanks
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have you had a look at your engine tray fo movement thats if you have one ????
I don't have an engine tray this is like a creak rattle vibe whe I turn legtonly on a quarter turn it's reallly annoying me
am gonna change them too....

further diagnostics today.... outside the car the derv noise drowns out any other noises except for the beuatifully crafted pd150 engine ticking away on idle.....

inside the cabin there is a really annoyign vibrational noise its like a tinny heatshield type of rattle this gets progressively worse if u turn the wheel a coupel f inches either way, if u put a tiny amount of revs the noise dissapears or maybe gets drowned out anyone got any ideas....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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