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crankshaft seal part numbers

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Wondering if anyone knows if part numbers 021103051A and 021103051C are interchangeable? My engine code is BDE and 02M transmission.

The first link shows:
021 103 051 AUDI
021 103 051C AUDI
021 103 051A AUDI

Dimensions are the same for both.

But second one "C" is "left hand twist" with arrow pointing left

First one "A" doesn't specify direct of twist.

The one in my car is "A" and has no arrow.

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This parts diagram for 2003 4 Motion BDE engine also shows "C"
Northpole, thanks for your ongoing support. I'm new to all this and constantly learning. If I understand your reply, OEM codes suggest that C is a replacement for A, as A is obsolete. The reason I'm asking is that I already have new C. So to save big shopping / dealer cost I was keen to find out if I could use what I have.
Seems VAG part numbers were invented by Mr Porsche! Your reply made me look at other forums. I found this :

Modification Index
171 819 047A
Modification of a part is indicated by the tenth, and possibly eleventh, digits of a part number.
The modification letter(s) mean that the part has undergone some changes. This might be because of a change of material, a change of supplier, or, most likely, a change or improvement in design.

I think I'll install what I have already bought.
Sorry if this is a stupid question, does crankshaft in a right hand drive vehicle turn the same way as a left hand drive car? My starter motor is on the left of the engine, so does that mean my crankshaft turns anticlockwise?
Well, under a certain angle of light I could see that there is an arrow on the existing "A" seal. It is the same direction as the "C".

However, the seal is very brittle and the flat part is stuck to the metal. I'm having trouble removing the seal. It is brittle and falls apart. My biggest issue is that around the outside there is a recessed part that I just can't get to. Any suggestions?

The outer part of the new seal is quite deep, doesn't show well in photo.

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Thanks Northpole. I tried that, but the plastic labelled xxxx is actually melted onto the metal (marked with curved line) so nothing budges.
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The metal was actually part of the seal. I managed to force it out with a small screwdriver, in case anyone needs this later.

My last question on this, is whether to replace with Topran or Victor-Reinz ?
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