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cracked gear box, replacement options?

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Hi all

well, got a 99 gt110 tdi.

150k on the clock and did a wheel spin in the wet from a junction the other day, into second..... after would its clunked badly on slower corners, realy badly!

thought CV joints although had worn lower arms, so spent ages replacing that (bad balljoint design or what!!)

still there.... then noticed this on the diff casing, viewed from the top

not great!!


my gearbox code is DEA, so whats a direct replacment, is it only DEA's or.......

and hard job?

Thank you!!
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Yo andy, no clue about your gearbox but keep working and soon you'll have enough to get it sorted Ha. Cheers
lol dont get aid till next month i dont think!! arhhh

got the battery, battery box, air box, unhitched the gear linkage and mounting bracket, then it got dark!

next is the starter motor, then the drive shafts, then it'll just float out nice and easy....... i wish!

does anyone know, the plug under the gear cables, how do you remove that? as the tab in on the bottom, do i need to push or pull or what to the tab to pull off the switch?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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