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Corroded plug at NSR quarter

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I realised a while ago that the rear washer fluid pipe was leaking in the NSR quarter panel of the Golf, so as a temporary measure I just didn't use it.

But with the salt on the roads making it impossible to see out the back window after driving 5 miles I thought I'd best fix it.

When I took the rear quarter panel trim out I found a black plug that had badly corroded due to the washer fluid running into it. Everything at the back end of the car seems to work ok though, which has me confused.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what this plug powers?

Thanks, Chris

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All I can remember is that the thick white wire is for the heated rear screen,the others are obviously also needed for something that escapes me at the moment[:cool:].

High level brake lights and washer water supply and wiper motor Chris?
Wipers are the green and green/white in the pink plug but high level brake light does sound possible.
On a Golf:

Black Plug in C-pillar

1 = 2.5mm white = Heated Rear Window

2 = Vacant

3 = 0.35mm brown/black = Dash Warning Lamp (for Hatch Open Warning)

4 = 1.0mm red/black = 3rd Brake Light

5 = 0.5mm brown/blue = Luggage Light (from microswitch in lock)

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Thanks for the replies. All those fuctions seem to be working fine so a bit of contact cleaner and a drop of grease should hopefully stop it getting any worse
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