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Coolant loss PD130

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My (51)2002 GT TDI PD130 has unexplained coolant loss and I am at the point of ripping my hair out. Every couple of days the coolant has to be topped up. Below is a list of parts / work that has been done

New header tank & cap ( genuine vw part)
New coolant hoses all round
New thermostat and seal
New water pump
New radiator
Pressure test & block test

No signs of leaks inside or out
No overheating

(New coolant temp sensor required) getting fitted Tuesday.

Any suggestions??

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I'd have thought that a pressure test would have ruled out any leaks, but the leak has to be happening somewhere. Sounds like you have replaced the whole system.

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Mine did this once I done a pressure test and it turned out to be the flange on the side of the head.

It's where the temp sensor sits it's made out of plastic and warps with the heat.

Mine only leaked when the engine was started from cold once the engine warmed up it sealed up again.
Is there a pressure release when you take the lid off the expansion tank?
For me it was a pipe going into the bulkhead. Could not see the leak until I took the material of where the pipe goes into the bulk head.
egr cooler, if it has one or the head gasket.

block test doesn't show it up though.
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