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Concerned by the amount of oil around the 1.4 engine block.

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Another 1.4 question, the cars been running ok (fingers crossed) recently since I changed the alternator and battery a while back but ever since i owned the car I've always noticed that there seems to be oil around the lower and rear part of the engine block, like it seems to be leaking or something? Had it on the ramp aswell and seems to be oil underneath around the sump etc.

Just wondering if any other 1.4 owner has had these characteristics with their car or could it be the sign that something big will eventually go?
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Any pictures of where said leak is coming from?
Pictures would be of great help, could be the rocker cover gasket, if not sump gasket.

Best put a photo up so we can get a better look.
I've had oil around the oil filler cap recently, but I believe that to be because there was a kink in my breather pipe. However it does burn a hell of a lot of oil. Put in over 3/4 of a bottle under a week ago and the light is already on. Which has lead me to believe there's a fault with the light.

But I still think I have the 1.4 illness..
Not necessarily a bad thing. A reason to drop a 1.8T in it.. [Y]
I'll get some pictures of it when its light,

be pointless using my iphone in the dark as its like taking a photo with the lens cap on still.

If worst case scenario it is something quite serious? How much will I be looking to fork out?

As once my renewal is up for insurance I'm tempted to get a TDI for better mpg and reliabilty and general torque. My beloved 1.4 is just too slow [:(] though she has done me proud.
I had this happen to mine, turns out it was the oil pressure switch..
Surely you should be able to tell from the amount of oil on the dipstick?
I do top up oil on it regularly but its not actually that bad, Thought it was just the way 1.4s were. Eat up oil very quickly!

I'll see if I can get any pictures soon but the car drives ok and been like since I've had it.
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