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My heater never seems to warm up the foot wells, there is a constant coolness round base of the console below gear leaver on both sides. Only warm air blows out if the fan is on a hig setting. I have got sill climate control set to ECON which I believe turns off the air-con complete. Yes, I have got the down-arrow s elected on the climate control too.

I am thinking of taking out useless climate control and replacing with basic rotary controls that I don't need to take my eyes off the road 3 times whenever I need to make any adjustments.

Controls on silly climate control are so small I have to look at them while I press a button, then again to make sure the relevent tiny icon on the screen is lit or unlit. Stupid. It has the smallest buttons, and the smallest dispaly icons of anything on the car, yet it is positioned furthest away. Batty thing. Can you see it pee's me off! And it doesnt even warm my feet up!

Are the footwell vents easy to access, perhaps they are blocked right off.

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